Love To Paint

There is never a moment I don’t think about painting. Everywhere I am I always try to imagine how to capture this certain moment. I take a lot of photos everywhere I go and try to recreate what I saw in the studio. This is what I love about art. There is always so much more to learn and you can really loose yourself in the process.

Capture Every Moment…

The complexity of recreating the landscape, it’s colours and composition are a continuous search to find the solution. I am never completely happy with my work but this is why I keep painting as I know the next one will be better. Even if the artwork wasn’t what I was hoping for, it is always a learning exercise, which in turn makes you a better artist.

Painting is like meditation to me, I loose track of time and get completely immersed. It is so hard to do that these days, with so many distractions, I find these moments really precious.

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